Big Can on Campus

ZOA's Big Can on Campus contest

The Return To Campus

Picture it: the moment you moved into the dorms; the moment you walked into your homecoming game; and the moment it all came back after a year without it. Well, first day of school jitters hit different this year—and as thousands of college students return to campus, we want to help them make the most of it!

School spirit is more than just wearing your college colors; it's joining clubs, volunteering in your college's community, and spending the night before a final in the library pretending to study with your classmates 😬 . School spirit fuels a positive environment creating some of the connections we carry with us forever—and a positive environment is what makes going back to school so exciting! 

Are you the Big Can on Campus?

To help students ring in the new school year, we're launching our first-ever nationwide search to find the college with the most school spirit. While we're looking to crown a winning campus, this contest isn't just for students. We'd love for alumni to show this year's crop of students what school spirit looks like, too. Two of our founders, Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson and Dave Rienzi are leading the class by setting the example 👇   

What are we looking for?

Extreme face paint, cheers of joy, silly (or awkward) dances, decked out dorm rooms—school spirit looks different on everyone, and we want to see all of it! (Ok, maybe not all of it... no keg stands or anything that's unsafe/against school policy). We're looking for spirited videos that showcase what it means to love your school.

Throughout the campaign, ZOA will highlight the most spirited school videos with weekly leaderboards. (A little friendly competition heading into college football season never hurt anybody, right? 😊 ) You can enter by submitting your video to Tik Tok or Instagram with the hashtags #BigCanOnCampus + #Contest and by tagging @zoaenergy. Our founders will hand-pick the winning school in early October and crown them the official Big Can on Campus.

The prize?

The winning campus will get a can of ZOA for every student, an unforgettable on-campus ZOA-sponsored event, and eternal bragging rights. Now do your thing, rep your swag, paint your face, wear it proud, and show it all off with positive energy. As our founders like to say… Sip Your ZO… now let’s f***ing GO!  

The Fine Print

*BigCanOnCampus is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or Tik Tok. Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit our Official Rules Page for more details.