How-To: Work Hard & Spread Kindness.

If you use roads or live in a home, you’re benefiting directly from the hard work that construction workers lay down for our communities. They’re one of the many groups of everyday warriors we’re looking forward to celebrating during #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th. 

Since most of us don’t have access to the jobsite, the ZOA Energy team reached out to construction workers in our community to learn more about what #KindnessCan do. Here’s the report:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Daily meditation.” - Mike O. (Beaverton)

“Going to the gym to release stress.” - Devanand I. (Baldwin)

“I try to spend time with myself. Doing things I enjoy by myself.” - Connor T. (Nottingham)

“Finding peace, having patience, and faith.” - Ruben Z. (Texas)

“Treating myself with the best I can.” - Joseph G. (Nairobi)

People who work with their hands know they have to show kindness to themselves and their bodies. They keep up with the demands of life by meditating, hitting the gym, and making smart choices about what they consume. Laborers also appreciate when they can find a little quiet time for personal interests and hobbies.

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Talking to me.” - Jordan B. (Jacksonville)

“Just by simply saying great job.” - Gerardo C. (San Diego)

“Kind words, appreciation, understanding, patience.” - Garrett G. (Santa Barbara)

“Take me out of my little bubble and show me that the world is great and fun.” - Marius A. (Hanover)

“Being willing to listen and laugh.” - Ron M. (Coatesville)

The power of kindness can help keep construction workers at the top of their game. They welcome words of gratitude most of all—from strangers or close friends. Taking the time to listen also means a lot to them, as well as demonstrations of understanding and patience. Laborers work hard, but like to play hard too!

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“A smile goes a long way.” - Dennis M. (Mount Sinai)

“Listening. Being understanding.” - Jay D. (Bakersfield)

“Treating everyone with respect & having a good sense of humor.” - Patrick E. (Crosby)

“I like to offer assistance with projects or anything they may need. Or just be an ear for them.” - Brian R. (Santa Ana)

“I always try to make people laugh and make them feel happy.”  - Connor T. (Nottingham)

Construction professionals and laborers show kindness to the world around them by staying positive while sharing smiles and laughs. They recognize the power of small gestures and know a little can go a long way. By aiming to treat everyone with respect and taking the time to listen to others, they’re always looking to build a better future for all.