Education Professionals Can Teach Us a Few Things About Kindness

Educators dedicate their lives to sharing knowledge. They understand the importance of simple acts and kind words—especially the power they wield to deliver positive messages. As we get ready for #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th, we thought there could be no better resource to consult on the subject of kindness. 

We went back to school and asked educators in the ZOA community what they believe #KindnessCan do. Now ready your No.2 pencil, it's time for the rest of us to take notes. Here are a few of the lessons they shared:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Getting plenty of rest, blocking out negative vibes, and putting healthy things in my body.” - Melissa F. (Brick)

“Music. On the way to work, in the shower, or even just singing to myself. It helps me focus, recenter, and bring my best self each and every day.” - Robert M. (Culver City) 

“Smiling at myself in the mirror. Carving out time to be alone — for one minute, one hour, or one day. Taking a moment to close my eyes and breathe consciously and deeply.” - Deneene B. (Guerneville)

“I show kindness to myself by having time to myself. During this time I play guitar or read. Having a good diet and going to bed early and rising up early helps me stay focused and stay on schedule.” - Emanuel B. (Rossford)

“Every day I'm evaluating what self care looks like for me; gym, movie, video games, personal time with partner, hanging with friends, etc. When my social battery is empty, I'm at home recharging, and when it's full, I'm working hard and having fun.” - Mike M. (West Lafayette)

Educators know the mind is a powerful tool! To upkeep their mental health, they eat right, get good rest, stay active, and dedicate time to their most fulfilling hobbies. Teachers draw inspiration from caring about others—so maintaining good relationships with friends and family is key to helping them achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Lending a hand, whether it’s physical, emotional, or otherwise.” - Patrick B. (Lake Forest)

“Showing that they care by just being there to listen. If they bring me a ZOA, that’s always a bonus!” - Chad B. (Hudson) 

“A small show of appreciation for the work I put into teaching matters! When students write me a short note or give me a small gift, it makes all the difference!” - Lindsey B. (Florence)

“People can show kindness to me when times are tough by showing empathy and truly listening to my struggles.” - Ehren H. (Rexburg)

“Just be there. You don't have to do anything special other than be there.” - Thomas S. (Montgomery)

Outside of the classroom, educators appreciate when people are willing to listen and empathize. When times are tough they look to their communities for support. They want to know that they're not alone. Show them kindness through acknowledgement or words of gratitude for their hard work. 

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“Sharing a warm smile, a compassionate ear, a big hug, a helping hand, encouraging words.” - Deneene B. (Guerneville)

“Sending unexpected messages, recognizing the amazing person s/he/they are. Checking in on people to let them know I am thinking about them.” Jeremy B. (Hillsboro)

“Showing empathy and being supportive and positive and giving them positive feedback so they know they are appreciated.” - Jenelle B. (Northridge)

“I feel that showing compassion to my students is as important as the content I teach. Being available to meet their needs in any way I can is the priority.” - Chad B. (Hudson) 

“Asking how their day is going, listening to them, give them a helping hand.” - Justin J. (Ocala)

Teachers spread kindness the same way they educate the world—leading by example. They strive to be active listeners, and ask the questions that really matter. They're passionate about supporting their students because they know the impact can be far greater than just one lesson. 

ZOA Energy wants you to welcome kindness as part of your daily routine—a step above celebrating once a year. We’re on a mission to provide and inspire more healthy habits around the world as a powerful first step towards supporting the kindness our everyday warriors fight for. Show us what #KindnessCAN do by tagging @zoaenergy on any of our social platforms throughout the month of November.