Being Kind Online: Two TikTok Inspirators Walk The Walk.

Ready to celebrate? Tomorrow, people across the globe will come together on World Kindness Day to give thanks and recognize the importance of being kind to yourself and everyone around you. It’s a message that ZOA Energy is proud to support because we know that #KindnessCan: increase energy and relaxation, benefit our mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress, improve our mood, self-esteem, happiness, and more.

We’ve been hard at work the last few weeks recognizing all of the everyday warriors that make kindness happen—but we never could have done it alone! We teamed up with Ed Dudez (@eddudez) and JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)—two powerhouses of positivity on TikTok—to help get the word out.

While they’re preparing for a can’t-miss #WorldKindnessDay livestream with Made of Millions (@madeofmillions) on November 13th, we sat down with each of them to learn a little more about their own personal philosophies on kindness. Here’s how they practice what they preach:

What’s the most rewarding part of your day?

“When I see someone wearing a JT Smiley hat or shirt. It reminds me that we do have the ability to make a difference in this world. That there are a lot of people out there that share a similar vision. To make people smile. To show one another love. To be kind to fellow human beings regardless of backgrounds, political beliefs, sexuality, gender, religion, or nationality.” - JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)

“The most rewarding part of my day is the few minutes of quiet time I’m able to spend with my wife and our two rescue puppies before we fall asleep.  Knowing that we’re all safe and able to rest for the next day puts my mind at ease. The best part is knowing that our beautiful little girl is growing in mommy’s tummy.” - Ed Dudez (@eddudez)

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“By listening to that little voice inside my head about what would make me happy. Whether it’s a family fun day or buying a new pair of sunglasses, pants, or a new piece of equipment for content creation. Making sure I get enough sleep. I know that when I get wrapped up into what I’m doing I tend to leave, breathe, and eat it. I forget to take a break and rest. After that I feel refreshed and focused. Ready to tackle the projects ahead.” - JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)

“This is an area of self-improvement I need to work on. Showing kindness to others has always been easier for me. Occasionally I’ll reward myself by staying up way too late watching Documentaries on Netflix. Knowing that I’ve made it through the tough times that I’ve faced helps me stay focused and feel the best. It’s been a tough few years, and I’m just so grateful to be here with the opportunities I have to make more people smile.” - Ed Dudez (@eddudez)

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Sometimes it’s just lending an ear to vent to. Our struggles are our struggles and sometimes we just need to vent about them. Not necessarily for advice or help but just to get it off our chest. Letting me know I’m doing okay.” - JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)

“When times are tough, listening to me is what I need most. Not just hearing…but really listening. Usually I can work through most of my tough issues if I have someone who cares to hear me out. Hearing myself out loud helps me personally.” - Ed Dudez (@eddudez)

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“Sometimes you can tell someone may be having a tough day so something as simple as smiling at them could be invaluable. But other times you may find someone that is struggling a little deeper. Whether that be financially, mentally, or physically. When I determine the source of their struggles, I help in whatever way I am able to. This ranges from lending that ear to helping someone pay for their groceries.” - JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)

“I try to show kindness in some way, shape, or form to everyone I meet. I try to treat everyone I come in contact with as a friend first, and as a stranger never.” - Ed Dudez (@eddudez)

How do you think we can make the world a kinder place?

“Through leading by example. So many people become callous to the world and the perception of it. We don’t see too many kind things on tv, social media, or in our day to day lives in general. It leaves us with a sense of every person for themselves. But when we see someone being kind, it can inspire us to be kinder. It can inspire us to do something kind for someone else. And through this ripple effect, I believe we have a chance at influencing the next generations to be kinder to one another.” - JT Laybourne (@jt_laybourne)

“Simply asking the question is a great start. Take one small action. Hold a door open for someone, smile at your fellow human, tell someone you hope they have a wonderful day. No matter the response, remember that you’ve made an impact. Most importantly, you’ve been kind to someone else, and that is being kind to yourself. Simply put by one of my good friends, Nate Simon…all you need for kindness is LOVE.” - Ed Dudez (@eddudez)