Kindness in the Workplace—How Office Employees Stay Energized.

Can you spread compassion from behind a desk? Office employees across the globe prove it’s possible every day. They’re one of the many everyday warriors we’re gearing up to celebrate this year during #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th. People who work in offices span a wide variety of fields and industries, but they all manage to find a little common ground through kindness.

As part of our quest to enhance the workplace mind, our team reached out to office workers in our community to learn more about what they believe #KindnessCan do. Here are the meeting notes:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Taking time for myself, spending time on doing things I love.” - Kaustubh K. (Troy)

“By eating right and staying fit. Giving positive energy all day and making others feel positive.” - Juan Carlos D. (West Covina)

“I've been showing kindness to myself by making a written action plan and sticking to it. I've been eating healthier and working on my sleep.” - Tamika B. (Kissimmee)

“I remind myself that my family loves me for who I am and that is enough. They make me a better person.” - Stacey K. (Capitola)

“I always stay positive. If something bad or frustrating happens, I look for a solution rather than dwelling on the negative.” - Nick K. (Carson City)

Office employees feel best when they eat healthy and get good rest. They also show kindness to themselves by exercising regularly, always looking on the bright side, and staying connected with their loved ones. The value of taking a little personal time before or after work also keeps them energized.

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Spend time with me.” - Sharon S. (Los Gatos)

“By asking me how I’m doing today. I love when people ask about my day.” - Patrick R. (Tampa)

“A random compliment goes a long way.” - Tracy B. (Murrells Inlet)

“Reminding me that they are available helps the most.” - Dennis W. (Lenexa)

“Being patient with me” - McKaylah K. (Gresham)

Spending quality time with someone who works in an office is a great way to show them kindness. They appreciate being able to connect with others (at the right time) and enjoy simple gratitudes and thoughtful conversation. Demonstrating patience and lending a hand when it might be needed is also high on their list.

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“By listening and being supportive.” - Jason E. (Denver)

“Compliment them. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves.” - Dan S. (London)

“Helping them in little ways. Buying them a cup of coffee, picking up the kids from school. Things that don’t cost a lot but can make someone’s day.” - Katie W. (Beulaville)

“I try to listen and understand what they have gone through. I remember having been through the very same and sometimes all it takes is hello or I hear you or I see you. We all need guidance and a hand to hold sometimes.” - Dawn B. (Lebanon)

“Show genuine interest in others and be empathetic.” - Jason H. (Kingsville)

Just like a friendly email blast—spreading kindness can be as easy as expressing caring words and including others. Office employees also focus on compassion by showing genuine interest in the people around them and listening to their concerns before making supportive moves. They participate in small gestures of giving and put a big emphasis on empathy, no matter the workplace.