More Than the Grind, Fitness Professionals Share Why Kindness is Key.

Personal trainers, sports therapists, and other fitness experts know that having the right attitude is just as important as a healthy body. As we get closer to #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th, we were inspired to seek a little extra coaching on the subject from everyday exercise warriors. 

Here at ZOA Energy, we’re training to learn more about what #KindnessCan do. We know we can’t grow alone—so we surveyed fitness professionals in our community for their advice. Here’s how it worked out:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Set daily goals, celebrate small achievements.” - Bryan B. (Shoreline)

“I always start my mornings with my daily devotions, once I’m finished I make sure to grab a ZOA and hit the gym before I even step foot into my job.” - Diamond L. (Montclair)

“I prioritize time to take care of my physical and mental health every day. If I don't spend quality time with myself each day I notice a significant decline in productivity and inspiration.” - Steph Y. (San Luis Obispo)

“I meditate and high five myself in the mirror in the mornings and before bed. I eat clean most of the time and exercise daily. I try to be the best mom I can be. All of those things help my body, mind, and soul!” - Sara K. (Princeton)

“Always be positive and never discouraged when things don’t go the way you want. What keeps me motivated is to always be a better version of myself.” - John B. (Sterling)

Exercise experts prioritize both their physical and mental health when they show kindness to themselves. They set positive personal goals, schedule quality time to rest and recharge, and fuel their body wisely. Feeling motivated is critical to their overall wellbeing, so affirmations and daily devotions can be a powerful tool for them, too.

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Showing gratitude and appreciation.” - Michelle V. (Boston)

“By hearing what I have to say. Most people today need to be heard and understood with compassion.” - Josiah S. (West Grove)

“Tap me on my shoulder and say we see you. We see you grinding. Your work is noticed!” - Kevin R. (League City)

“When times are tough the best way someone can show kindness to me, is just an open ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.” - Harry W. (Boston)

“By just being there for me in person or through the phone. Making me laugh is the best way to make me feel happy.” Sara K. (Princeton)

If you’re looking to show a little kindness to a fitness professional in your life—start with the simple act of listening. Taking the time to lend an ear or a helping hand means a lot to them, alongside gratitude and appreciation for their hard work. They want to be seen and heard.

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“Being positive and motivational.” - Albert E. (Carrollton)

“Always giving a hand to others. When you reach the top, you help them reach the top.” - Aries B. (Las Vegas)

“To listen, be there for all when I can. To help and encourage self love and confidence.” - Kenneth M. (Hinsdale)

“It is so uplifting being a part of someone’s journey to living a healthier lifestyle. I get to make positive changes in the lives of my clients and see their transformations over the weeks, months and years.” - Barry P. (Homewood)

“Help others that may be in need. Offer support to someone that may be down on luck or just down. Lifting others is what makes us better!” - Kevin R. (League City)

Fitness professionals strive to set a positive and motivational example both in and out of the gym by demonstrating compassion in everything they do. They know that spreading kindness encourages confidence and helps everyone reach their goals together. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is only one challenge on the journey to total wellness, and they want to be there for the people around them every step of the way.