One Job At A Time—Gig Workers Deliver Kindness.

When it comes to kindness, gig workers know that no job is too big or too small. Gig workers and freelancers live fast-paced lives centered around creativity and flexibility. As part of #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th, we’re looking forward to celebrating them alongside all of the everyday warriors who keep our communities running smoothly. 

From rideshare drivers to freelance artists, our team at ZOA Energy consulted directly with gig workers to learn what #KindnessCan do—and how they make it happen. Here’s what they delivered:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Workouts and sleep!” - Adam T. (Indianapolis)

“I show kindness to myself by making my mental and physical well being a priority.” - Doti H. (Bushnell)

“I’ve found things I’m passionate about. Sleep is very important for energy, focusing, etc!” - Jon C. (Oakland)

“Taking time for self care. It brings me peace and clarity and reminds me of important perspectives as I return and approach the demands of daily life.” - Andrew H. (Seattle)

“I have started to recognize when I am being hard on myself. When I catch myself thinking that way, I now actively make a point to tell myself my thoughts are harmful. I am the most productive when I keep things organized and when I keep myself busy with creative projects.” - Hannah Sweet (Las Vegas)

Gig workers are busy and they know that getting good rest is one of the most important ways they can be kind to their bodies. They follow that up with a commitment to exercise and making sure they prioritize healthy diet decisions to stay energized. Their self-care also includes taking time to enjoy hobbies when they can, and practicing positive affirmations.

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“Being understanding.” - DJ R. (Saint Clairsville)

“A hug or a phone call.” - Allison B. (Cleveland)

“Being patient with me and showing empathy for what I am enduring.”  - Andrew H. (Seattle)

“They can show kindness by being gentle and respecting my wishes if I want to be left alone, etc.” - Doti H. (Bushnell)

“The best way someone can show kindness is by being honest with me (even if the truth hurts) and giving me positive encouragement to move forward.” - Hannah Sweet (Las Vegas)

Moving from job to job, gig workers appreciate it most when the people around them are empathetic and practice patience. They look forward to hearing from friends and family, and consider a thoughtful message or phone call to be a powerful act of kindness. Honesty and encouragement can also help make a difference in their day.

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“Show up.” - Adam T. (Indianapolis)

“I try to always be empathetic and non judgemental which can go a long way.” - Doti H. (Bushnell)

“Lending an ear, helping to come up with a solution, finding out how to do something or simply just a smile.” - Allison B. (Cleveland)

“Being present and giving time and untethered loving support and light especially when you see someone going through something challenging.” - Andrew H. (Seattle)

“I try my best to view things in a positive light. I think being both optimistic and empathetic is the best way to make others around you happy.” - Hannah Sweet (Las Vegas)

Gig workers and freelancers do a lot for the world around them and always try to spread a little kindness at the same time. They show up when they’re needed, strive to listen without judgement, and jump to offer solutions. No matter what job they take on, they know that being present, encouraging optimism, and tackling the day with a smile can make all the difference to others.