Students Can Teach Us Lessons About Kindness.

Students are the future! No matter what they study, students are shaping the future of our communities with their unique approaches to kindness. As #WorldKindnessDay on November 13th approaches, we know how important it is to include the next generation of everyday warriors in the celebration. 

Not your average group project—the ZOA Energy team surveyed students across the globe to discover the truth about everything #KindnessCan do. Here’s the report:

How do you show kindness to yourself?

“Going to the gym!” - Katrina B. (Duncan)

“Surrounding myself with people who lift me up and are always there to support me.” - Azlyn B. (Saratoga Springs)

“I like to set goals and work hard to earn them. I believe that it’s always best to keep going and enjoy every moment because no moment is the same as the one before.” - Rhett F. (Springdale) 

“I show kindness to myself by making sure I’m surrounded by great people and that when I need to at times, I focus on myself and make sure I’m healthy physically and mentally.” - Yazad M. (Leesburg)

“I tell myself that all I need to do is my best. No matter what that looks like. And I give myself the time I need without rushing.” - Jacob S. (Eindhoven)

When they focus on being kind to themselves, students prioritize how they spend their personal time. Physical and mental fitness is important because they know staying on top of it helps them achieve their goals. They’re selective about their support groups, too, making sure to surround themselves with kind and caring people who reflect their own values.

What's the best way someone can show kindness to you?

“By just listening to me and being there for me.” - Isabella R. (Orlando)

“Offer support in any way that they can, whether that be lightening my load, or just trying to help with advice.” - Nico K. (Charlotte)

“The best thing they could do is to just be there and tell me everything’s going to be okay.” - Anthony P. (East Haven)

“The best thing for me is just to remind me to slow down, just talking to someone helps a lot.” - Sean H. (East Palestine) 

“When times are rough, the best way someone can show me kindness is by making me laugh.” - Allen L. (Long Beach) 

Have you taken the time to talk to someone lately? Students appreciate when people demonstrate kindness by going out of their way to listen to them and offer assistance. They lead busy lives and enjoy a few moments of thoughtful companionship and laughter with others when it’s available.

In what ways do you choose to share kindness with others?

“Always be someone that they can come talk to.” - Ian M. (Eugene)

“By being interested in them to show that I care. And by helping them wherever I can.” - Jacob S. (Eindhoven)

“I make sure I am encouraging others and consistently checking up on the people in my life.” - Jacoby N. (Fircrest)

“I like to do small things or gestures for others to show them that they’re not alone in whatever it is. Either getting excited with them or anything else. I like to ask others how they’ve been and catch up with them or how they’re doing. Genuinely listen and give helpful feedback.” - Sam K. (Madison) 

“I like to make people laugh or put a smile on their face whether by jokes or compliments or just listening to them.” - Rhett F. (Springdale) 

Students from every walk of life want to be the kind of person others can rely on. They express genuine interest in the people they care about, are always checking in to see who might need a helping hand, and know a little encouragement can go a long way. Students want to share kindness with the world by being an uplifting presence in their communities as they focus on the future.