ZOA Energy and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Launch New Campaign Packed with BDE: Big Dwayne Energy

ZOA Energy and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Launch New Campaign Packed with BDE: Big Dwayne Energy

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 19, 2024 – After a high-velocity 2023 encompassing an enhanced formula, new products, fresh packaging and even more distribution channels, ZOA Energy launches its newest and most disruptive brand campaign ever– tapping into its “BDE" in 2024– Big Dwayne Energy.  

ZOA Energy is the catalyst for Big Dwayne Energy: confidence without cockiness, radiating positivity that draws people to you and having the energy to take on any task. It’s all the things that the ZOA brand stands for and Dwayne Johnson exudes. Featuring products with great taste, B & C vitamins, electrolytes and zero sugar, ZOA Energy is inspired by its founders, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi and John Shulman, each of whom is top in their field as world class entrepreneurs. 

“When someone with a great, radiating energy enters the room, people feel it,” said Dwayne Johnson, Chief Energy Officer. “ZOA Energy helps you be that best version of yourself and positively influence those around you – confidently owning your authentic self, having fun and doing your best to live life to the fullest. Before you know it, everyone is hooked on ZOA."

Fueling the flame of "Big Dwayne Energy" into 2024, ZOA is releasing a bold and hilarious commercial demonstrating that anyone can unlock their inner Big Dwayne Energy with ZOA Energy, set to the 3X Platinum, chart-topping anthem, "Big Energy," by the sensational Grammy nominated Atlanta rapper with major BDE, Latto.  

“This campaign aims to showcase the distinctive features of our ZOA Energy products in a disruptive and humorous way. We believe everyone can enjoy the benefits of ZOA and embrace the confidence that comes with it,” said Melanie Hellenga, Chief Marketing Officer. "Viewers can anticipate exciting brand placements aligned with crowd favorites like The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, The Voice Season 25 Premier, Deal or No Deal Island, and even the 2024 NFL Draft first round picks."

People from all walks of life star alongside Dwayne Johnson in the ad, channeling their own Big Dwayne Energy in various storylines, getting the energy they need to take on everyday tasks with the help of ZOA. The new campaign, developed by Haygarth USA, launches with a long-form piece of content, and will extend its BDE to shopper marketing efforts through a range of channels, including digital, out-of-home, paid social media, and various activations throughout the year, including a partnership with the UFL, influencer programming, social contests, seasonal promotions, and experiential pop-up moments.

“At ZOA Energy, we are illustrating that everyone has access to "Big Dwayne Energy" – this intangible concept of fearlessly owning who you are and unapologetically sharing your one-of-a-kind self with the world. By embracing this mindset and fueling the body with ZOA, people not only feel energized but confident, bold, and determined to reach their full potential,” said Dany Garcia, Chief Visionary Officer.

ZOA Energy products are available at U.S. retailers, including 7-Eleven, Costco, Quick Trip, HEB, Meijer, and Circle K, as well as Couche Tard, Federated Co-Op Gas Convenience & Grocery, Costco, Circle K, and other locations in Canada. Online purchases can be made through and Amazon.


About ZOA Energy

ZOA Energy is here to activate the world's potential: giving people the fuel they need to show up as their best selves. Developed by strength and conditioning coach, Dave Rienzi; global icon and businessman, Dwayne Johnson; global entrepreneur and chairwoman, Dany Garcia; and entrepreneur and investor, John Shulman, ZOA is taking the category to new heights. The ZOA portfolio features both better-for-you energy drinks and pre-workout supplements ––all of which are made with high-quality ingredients, featuring great taste, electrolytes, B & C vitamins, and zero sugar. For more information, please visit Follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook


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