Why ZOA?

We made ZOA to nourish your body with natural energy, not fuel it with fake buzz.


ZOA is packed with immune-boosting superfoods, workout enhancing amino acids, nourishing vitamins, and the right kick of clean caffeine for sustained energy.

Camu Camu

First, we started with superfoods that fight for you: Camu-Camu berries and Acerola Cherries, packed with 100% of your daily Vitamin C and power antioxidants that protect your cells and bolster your immune response.


Amino Acids

Then, we added elements to make your workout count: Branched-Chain Amino Acids to supercharge muscle growth, electrolytes to keep you hydrated and choline to boost metabolism.


Nourishing Vitamins

Next, we infused key vitamins to keep your mind and body focused on what matters: Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 to support mental energy.


Clean Caffeine

Last, we added green tea and green, unroasted coffee beans to give ZOA the right kick of clean caffeine that keeps you going during the day without keeping you up at night.

Clean Energy

ZOA is formulated to keep you going during the day without keeping you up at night. Its 150 milligrams of clean caffeine comes from green tea and unroasted coffee beans, both packed with antioxidants to energize and nourish at the same time.

Immunity Boost

ZOA fights for you with immune-boosting superfoods like Camu-Camu berries and Acerola Cherries. With 100% of your daily vitamin C, you’re protecting your cells against damage and bolstering your immune system with every sip.

Supreme Hydration

The energy drink that never leaves you thirsty. Potassium and magnesium electrolytes band together to help you produce energy, while choline helps you metabolize.

Warrior Strength

Even the strongest warriors need support. That’s why ZOA contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to supercharge muscle growth, reduce soreness, and keep working for you once your workout is over.

Mental Focus

It’s about drive, it’s about power, and ZOA helps you stay hungry and devour your goals with vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12, known for improving brain function.

New to ZOA?
Try our Variety Packs. They include all five ZOA flavors!